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Handel – Oh Lord whose Mercies Numberless

Iestyn Davies – Countertenor
Harry Bicket – Harpsichord/Director
Recorded in concert at Music Institute of Chicago, Evanston
March 2011

Telemann – Overture in D. 1st Movement – Ouverture
Craig Trompeter – Viola da gamba
Garry Clarke – Director
Recorded in concert at Music Institute of Chicago, Evanston
March 2008

Baroque Band performs live in the WFMT Levin Performance Studio with works by Handel, Bach, Albinoni, Corelli and Teleman. Hosted by Kerry Frumkin.

Overture to Rinaldo, Handel
Suite in g minor BWV 1070
Concerto for strings and Basso Continuo in A Op 7 No 7, Albinoni
Concerto Grosso in Bb Major No 5, corelli
Overture a la Pastorelle, Telemann

Watch Baroque Band musicians Garry Clarke, Craig Trompeter, David Schrader, and Sally Jackson talk about the instruments of Bach and Handel’s time and discover the differences between the instruments that the Band uses and those of the Chicago Symphony musicians. Also watch the amusing video by British baroque trumpeter David Staff on how to make a baroque trumpet!

The Violin 

Director, Garry Clarke, explains the differences between the baroque and modern violin and bow

The Cello and Viola da Gamba
Baroque Band principal cellist, Craig Trompeter, talks about the cello and the viola da gamba; musical cousins

From the Clavichord to Modern Piano

Over the next two videos David Schrader takes you on a world of keyboard discovery.
Part 1

Part 2

The Bassoon
Bassoonist Sally Jackson takes a look at the development of the bassoon.

How to make a baroque trumpet

Thanks to David Staff – visit David’s website