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‘PAST MASTERS’ Review by the Hyde Park Herald

By M.L. RANTALA Classical Music Critic (04.02.2015) It has become commonplace for those offering concerts to give them a title. Sometimes the title imparts clear and useful information. Sometimes it is vague and flowery. Sometimes it is witty. Sometimes it is obscure. Sometimes it is pointless. Baroque Band titles their concerts in a way which […]

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‘Sun King’ Review by the Chicago Tribune

by LAURA MOLZAHN Chicago Tribune It’s an ingenious idea: Create an evening-length ballet about the progenitor of ballet, Louis XIV, and his most frequent collaborator, composer Jean-Baptiste Lully. And there was a certain magic to Elements Contemporary Ballet’s ambitious world-premiere “The Sun King: A Contemporary Ballet in One Act,” choreographed by Joseph Caruana. Part of […]

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