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‘WATER WORKS’ Review by the Hyde Park Herald

By M.L. RANTALA Classical Music Critic Baroque Band closed out their musical year at Augustana Luthern Church on the last Saturday of May with two great works: Handel’s “Water Music” and a piece by Telemann with a similar title: “Wassermusik: Hamburger Ebb und Fluth.” The band sported the largest array of instrumentalists in their young […]

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‘Sun King’ Review by the Chicago Tribune

by LAURA MOLZAHN Chicago Tribune It’s an ingenious idea: Create an evening-length ballet about the progenitor of ballet, Louis XIV, and his most frequent collaborator, composer Jean-Baptiste Lully. And there was a certain magic to Elements Contemporary Ballet’s ambitious world-premiere “The Sun King: A Contemporary Ballet in One Act,” choreographed by Joseph Caruana. Part of […]

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